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Painting with Polygons

In the print and signage industry, vector graphics is king, due to its scalable quality. Vector graphics consists of polygonal shapes, lines and nodes, therefore it can be extremely flexible when it comes to scalability and multimedia production. Vector graphics can be enlarged for grand format signage, such as an oversized banner to be hung on a highrise building without any pixelation.

With traditional raster images, production machineries have to interpret pixel-by-pixel data into line and path instructions that most often yield messy misinterpreted vector data with poor output quality. Native vector graphics is almost always the preferred choice when it comes to signage production since routing and cutting machineries can trace the lines and paths within the vector graphics format with extreme accuracy.

Vector graphics can be printed at any scale without pixelation. It is the superior format in regards to large vinyl printing for vehicle wraps or grand format signage on highrises. In addition, it’s also flexible for multimedia applications, such as low-relief embossing, die cutting, engraving, embroidering, channel lettering, or 3D printing.

Character Illustration
Comic Book Cover
Marketing Poster
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